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                            From frozen lasagna to chocolates. From human tissue to prescription drugs - more and more goods are shipped refrigerated or frozen.

                            First, the most important item is a good insulated container. An inexpensive Styrofoam cooler from the grocery store will rarely work. It breaks easily and usually is not the right shape for shipping. A thick poly styrene box like Omaha Steaks uses, or the newest box from Control Temp Packaging will reduce the amount of dry ice needed and allow extended shipping times.

                            Next is the shipping temperature. Use Dry Ice for shipping FROZEN goods as Dry Ice will freeze everything in the shipping box. Use "gel packs" or "blue ice" for goods to be REFRIGERATED. A combination of dry ice and gel packs will extend the shipping time by several days if the shipped items can be frozen for a short time or thawed for a short time.

                            For Dry Ice plan on using 5 to 10 pounds for each 24-hour period depending upon the quality of the insulated shipping container. This will keep everything frozen in a container up to 15 quarts. For larger containers and greater shipping times multiply dry ice quantities by this rate. The best shipping container is a two-inch thick urethane insulated box tested to lose only 5 pounds for a 10-quart storage volume every 24-hours. Newer materials developed for Control Temp Packaging in Norcross, GA have tested nearly the same as urethane. Less thick or efficient insulation will need more Dry Ice because it will sublime faster.

                            For gel packs, as a generality use one pound per cubic foot per day. (Most gel packs come in 1/2 pound size but newer ones are up to 2 pounds.) This will be last for up to three days. For a longer time Dry Ice has to be combined to extend the gel packs with the possibility of freezing the goods briefly in the beginning.

                            When packing items in the container put dry ice any gel packs and the product as close together as possible with the dry ice on top. Fill any empty space with wadded newspaper, Styrofoam peanuts, or the latest bubble packs, as any "dead-air-space" will cause the Dry Ice to sublimate faster.

                            If shipping by air, be sure to check with the airlines ahead of time to find out their procedures and regulations regarding dry ice.

                            Dry Ice sublimation (changing from a solid to a gas) will vary depending on the outside temperature, air pressure (on an airplane with lower air pressure it will sublimate faster) and efficiency of the insulation. The more Dry Ice you have stored in the container, the longer it will last. Dry Ice, at -109.3°F or -78.5°C, will freeze and keep frozen everything in the container until it is completely sublimated. These frozen items will still take some extra time to thaw because they will have been so cold.

                            Marathon Products

                            Marathon Products - edl co2 ?
                            Monitor your important dry ice shipments with this low temperature data logger.

                            Our goal is to offer biotech and pharmaceutical companies a gateway to Europe by offering storage and “dropship?/i> facilities.

                              Control Temp Packaging

                            Shipping Help


                            Airgas Shipping

                            Airgas Carbonic Dry Ice offers product delivery solutions for shipping or transporting frozen and refrigerated items. Their many branches listed below offer gel packs, shipping containers of varying sizes and dry ice to pack your frozen goods. Their video shows how to pack shipping boxes and their website offers helpful information.


                            Shipping Table Amounts
                            Note: The table below adds extra Dry Ice for heavier items
                            because some of the Dry Ice will be used up lowering the temperature
                            of the product to be shipped to the temperature of Dry Ice: -109.3°F.

                             IN A SINGLE WELL INSULATED CONTAINER

                            Weight of
                            Frozen Food
                            Time  In Transit
                            4 Hours 12 Hours 24 Hours 2 Days
                            2 LB 2 LB
                            Dry Ice
                            3 LB
                            Dry Ice
                            5 LB
                            Dry Ice
                            10 LB
                            Dry Ice
                            5 LB 3 LB
                            Dry Ice
                            4 LB
                            Dry Ice
                            8 LB
                            Dry Ice
                            15 LB
                            Dry Ice
                            10 LB 4 LB
                            Dry Ice
                            5 LB
                            Dry Ice
                            10 LB
                            Dry Ice
                            20 LB
                            Dry Ice
                            20 LB 5 LB
                            Dry Ice
                            8 LB
                            Dry Ice
                            15 LB
                            Dry Ice
                            25 LB
                            Dry Ice
                            50 LB 10 LB
                            Dry Ice
                            15 LB
                            Dry Ice
                            20 LB
                            Dry Ice
                            30 LB
                            Dry Ice
                            For each additional day add 8  to 15 pounds.

                            Airgas Carbonic Dry Ice locations that carry dry ice and shipping supplies:


                            Name Address City ST Zip Telephone
                            Airgas Dry Ice 3302 Brown St Little Rock AR 72204 501-666-6629
                            Airgas Dry Ice 3434 W Durango St Phoenix AZ 85009 602-272-0497
                            Airgas Dry Ice 999 Stimson Ave City of Industry CA 91745 626-961-1623
                            Airgas Dry Ice 731B W Cutting Blvd Richmond CA 94804 510-237-5114
                            Airgas Dry Ice 6438 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd Sacramento CA 95823 916-428-4700
                            Airgas Dry Ice 2671 McCone Ave Hayward CA 94545 650-592-4212
                            Airgas Dry Ice 7756 Trade St. San Diego CA 92121 858-635-9432
                            Airgas Dry Ice 9810 Jordan Circle Santa Fe Springs CA 90670 562-946-8394
                            Airgas Dry Ice 13069 Bradley Ave Sylmar CA 91342 818-252-4300
                            Airgas Dry Ice 2535 Del Amo Blvd Torrance CA 90503 310-533-0606
                            Airgas Dry Ice 6350 Brighton Blvd Commerce City CO 80022 303-287-3469
                            Airgas Dry Ice 14207 Road G Cortez CO 81321 970-565-1008
                            Airgas Dry Ice 9625 NW 80th Ave Hialeah Gardens FL 33106 305-635-2626
                            Airgas Dry Ice 520 Wharton Cir SW Ste C Atlanta GA 30336 404-691-5556
                            Airgas Dry Ice 727 Laney Walker Blvd Exit Augusta GA 30901 706-722-9200
                            Airgas Dry Ice Corporate 2530 Server Rd. Lawrenceville GA 30043 770-717-2210
                            Airgas Dry Ice 1720 E. Court Ave Des Moines IA 50316 515-262-3572
                            Airgas Dry Ice 2230 Stewart Drive Muscatine IA 52761 563-262-9019
                            Airgas Dry Ice 330 W. Fay Ave. Addison IL 60101 630-628-9760
                            Airgas Dry Ice 1441 Bates Street Indianapolis IN 46201 317-632-7106
                            Airgas Dry Ice 4891 Pembroke Rd. Hopkinsville KY 42240 270-475-4424
                            Airgas Dry Ice 935 E. Lampton Louisville KY 40204 502-584-1260
                            Airgas Dry Ice 5127 Merriam Dr Merriam KS 66203 913-262-7000
                            Airgas Dry Ice 1852 N Wabash Ave Wichita KS 67214 316-262-7362
                            Airgas Dry Ice 166 Boyce Rd. Jefferson LA 70121 504-733-0203
                            Airgas Dry Ice 7504 Connelley Dr Suite A, B, C Hanover MD 21076 410-768-4448
                            Airgas Dry Ice 7031 Siberhorn Hwy Blissfield MI 49228 517-682-1122
                            Airgas Dry Ice 4520 Stecker Street Detroit/Dearborn MI 48126 313-584-4880
                            Airgas Dry Ice 312 Front Ave SW Grand Rapids MI 49504 616-459-4100
                            Airgas Dry Ice 480 Kenny Road St. Paul MN 55130 651-774-2947
                            Airgas Dry Ice 6240 Olive Blvd. St. Louis MO 63130 314-721-1969
                            Airgas Dry Ice 217 Andrew Jackson Circle Star MS 39167 601-845-1520
                            Airgas Dry Ice 2201 N Davidson St Charlotte NC 28205 704-332-4943
                            Airgas Dry Ice 2810 S Miami Blvd Durham NC 27703 919-544-8250
                            Airgas Dry Ice 1321 Mason Street Omaha NE 68106 402-342-6541
                            Airgas Dry Ice 109 Stryker Lane, Bldg 3 Ste 7 Hillsborough NJ 8844 908-431-3104
                            Airgas Dry Ice 2440 Alamo SE Suite 102 Albuquerque NM 87106 505-242-7750
                            Airgas Dry Ice Hwy 402 & W 420 Amistad NM 88410 575-633-2845
                            Airgas Dry Ice 2620 South Highland Dr Las Vegas NV 89109 701-400-7618
                            Airgas Dry Ice 4460 Mellowood Ave. Cincinnati OH 45232 513-681-2741
                            Airgas Dry Ice 4382 Cranwood Pkwy, Warrensville Heights Cleveland OH 44128 216-581-9010
                            Airgas Dry Ice 4110 Lockbourne Road Columbus OH 43207 614-497-0223
                            Airgas Dry Ice 2505 Purdue Dr Oklahoma City OK 73128 405-681-8250
                            Airgas Dry Ice 63201 Columbia River Hwy Deer Island OR 97054 503-366-1896
                            Airgas Dry Ice 12827 NE Airport Way Portland OR 97230 503-257-8890
                            Airgas Dry Ice 665 Forman Rd, #204 Souderton PA 18964 215-723-5825
                            Airgas Dry Ice 7303 Burleson Rd Ste 106 Austin TX 78744 512-386-5411
                            Airgas Dry Ice 1322 W North Carrier Pkwy Grand Prairie TX 77020 214-201-1400
                            Airgas Dry Ice 1350 Boyles St Houston TX 77020 713-676-1156
                            Airgas Dry Ice 11900 Strang Rd La Porte TX 77571 281-471-4259
                            Airgas Dry Ice 5929 Distribution Rd San Antonio TX 78218 210-661-6000
                            Airgas Dry Ice 1211 Pioneer Rd Salt Lake City UT 84104 801-977-9215
                            Airgas Dry Ice 103 Industrial St Hopewell VA 23860 804-458-9971
                            Airgas Dry Ice 6643 S 216th St Kent WA 98032 253-854-6666
                            Airgas Dry Ice 3808 N Sullivan Rd Bldg 2 Spokane Valley WA 99216 509-892-9224
                            Airgas Dry Ice 1818 St. Paul Ave. Milwaukee WI 53233 414-342-5566
                            Airgas Dry Ice 8305 Otto Rd Cheyenne WY 82001 307-637-3521


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                            Dry Ice itself is shipped in small quantities from some Dry Ice suppliers.
                            Some Dry Ice manufacturers ship thousands of pounds in large shipping containers for various uses including the growing Dry Ice blast cleaning industry.

                            Where to find Dry Ice in your area? GO TO:  dry ice directory

                            Sell dry ice to the public?                              Add your dry ice Store to our data base

                             Need dry ice blast cleaning services?            Blast Cleaning Directory

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                            R.N.C. Industries, Inc.
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                            Our goal is to offer biotech and pharmaceutical companies a gateway to Europe
                            by offering storage and “dropship?/i> facilities


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                            OLIVO has manufactured insulated containers for more than 30 years and has a current production capacity of over 50 000 containers a year.
                            The Olivo range is of two formats, ROLL (cabinets with front opening) and BAC (chests with top opening) and is designed for the transport of products under temperature control.
                            Different refrigeration systems are offered, such as eutectic, cryogenic and thermo-chemical systems, allowing the required temperature to be maintained, whether it is chilled or frozen,
                             for a period of 24 hours and more.



                            Airgas Carbonic d/b/a as Airgas Dry Ice

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